The Traditional Tree for Christmas, the Norway Spruce, grown in a pot, not put in a pot!

A living tree which will happily holiday in your home for the festive season. With a wonderful, natural aroma of the forest, these living plants shed minimal needles. And they won’t topple over as they are contained in special pots designed for regular watering in the home.

Returned to our tree nursery at the end of the holidays to continue growing for another year until Christmas comes again this is a sustainable way to enjoy the tradition of a Christmas Tree in your home.

How it works
To hire a Christmas Tree from Roots Family Farm Shop you make a deposit of £15 which will be refunded on the return or collection of your hired tree, after Christmas, before the 10th January.

Visiting Roots you then choose a tree Your tree will be named and cared for until you choose to collect or have it delivered.

Delivery and Collection of trees, to and from your doorstep, can be arranged at £10 each way. Delivery this year will be on Monday 9th and 16th December. We recommend that the tree remains outside for up to one week. Collection will be on Tuesday 7th January.

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